Open to Work!

I want to help 10x you through strong data foundations and a focus on the most important.

Why you want to talk to me:

  • ✅ I have a proven record: I helped Shopify, Zapier, JPMC (and many more!) make better use of their data.
  • 🚸 I care: Customers matter: create increasing value for them, every day. Employees matter: be clear with your purpose, give them opportunities to demonstrate and grow their mastery and encourage autonomy so they can go. Peers matter: by collaborating and holding each other accountable we get more done. Product matters: through it we make users awesome*.
  • 😻 I am great with people: I challenge my peers and reports while supporting them to do better and to meet our common challenges. I help people solve their problems.

Why do I have a passion for strategy and data? Simple, my mission is to develop 10x teams that achieve worthy goals through calm intensity. 10x teams:

  • 🧫have a variety of skills and experiences.
  • ⛓trust one another.
  • 🤺have conflict.
  • 🤝 commit.
  • 🤨hold each other accountable.
  • 🛞use technology to get ahead.

And today’s defining technology is data: it powers decisions, it informs our models of the world, and it powers machine learning. I use vision and strategy to identify the right problems. Then I use data to solve those problems.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.